Pro Rata

Policy Information

Stafford County has adopted a Water and Sewer Pro Rata Policy to finance the water and sewer infrastructure shown in the General Water Improvement Program and General Sewer Improvement Program, that are effective April 18, 2023. The infrastructures financed under the policy include water transmission mains, pumping stations, and storage tanks, as well as sewage interceptor sewers, pumping stations, and force mains. The policy is applicable to all subdivisions and site plans, with the exception of family subdivisions. Pro rata charges are based upon the location of the project. Rates for each water pressure zone and sewer shed are expressed in terms of dollars per gallon. The charge for each project is calculated by multiplying the estimated flow for the project by the rate for the project area.

Calculating Rates

For residential projects, the flow for the project is determined based upon the type of lot (single family or multifamily) and the number of lots. Payment is due prior to approval of the final plat for subdivisions, or upon approval of the final residential site plan. For non-residential projects, the Pro-Rata fee is based on the meter size as determined by a Meter Sizing Form. Payment is due concurrently with payment for the water and sewer availability and prior to setting the water meter.


The rate document below lists project flows in gallons per day for residential projects and common non-residential meter sizes, the current rates for each pressure zone and sewer shed, and the calculated pro rata charges. The maps below illustrate the five pro rata water pressure zones and eight pro rata sewer sheds in the county.