Sewer Backup

Damage Payment
The county does not pay for damages caused by sewer backups unless they are caused by a direct act or negligence of the county. This rarely occurs. Most homeowner insurance policies do not pay for sewer back ups unless a special rider is attached to the policy. In most instances, you may have to pay yourself.

Insurance Coverage
Contact your insurance agent regarding your coverage. If you don’t have sewer backup coverage, consider adding it. Make sure the amount of coverage is sufficient to cover damages you may incur as the result of a sewer backup. Some policies have a $5,000 maximum; this is not sufficient for a serious problem.

Do not place grease of any type, diapers, rags, or other objects down the drain. Instruct your children not to throw debris down manholes. Check your trees. Roots from trees could be blocking your sewer lateral.

Contact Information
Call the Department of Utilities (540) 658-8695 during normal working hours or call (540) 658-4857 on nights, weekends, and holidays if you suspect a problem with your sewer system. There is no charge for this service.