Water/Sewer Rates


Stafford County has separate rate structures for residential, non-residential, and multi-family customers.
  • Bills for non-residential customers are calculated using a flat rate, with no cap on sewer.
  • Residential water bills are calculated using an inclining block rate structure to encourage water conservation. This means that the more water that is used in a particular month, the higher the unit price. Please use water wisely.
    • Stafford County recognizes that higher water usage by residents during the summer months is usually due to outside activities – watering lawns, washing cars, filling pools, etc. For this reason, residential sewer usage is capped at 120% of the winter average.

Current Water & Sewer Rates  

Rates effective June 1, 2022.  The monthly bill includes service and demand charges in addition to the cost for consumption. The unit cost is per thousand gallons.

                                                   WATER & SEWER RATES
                                                      Effective June 1, 2022
                          Residential and Non-Residential Water Consumption
                                                              (per thousand gallons) 
Residential: Water Sewer
0 – 2 $2.84 $6.72
3 – 4 $3.95 per 1,000
5 – 8 $5.41 gallons for all
9 – 12 $10.87 usage up to
13 - 25 $13.78 non-seasonal
26 and over $19.17 average + 20%
All Usage $5.15 $6.72
Water Dependent Home-Based    
Business: $12.86 $6.72
Irrigation, Bulk, Construction,     
and Hydrant Meters: $18.62 N/A
Monthly Service & Demand Charge    
(per account): $13.63 $17.03