Update on the Utilities Annual Flushing Program

Stafford County is currently performing a system-wide flush to ensure a high level of disinfection of all County water mains. At this time, nearly 50% of the County’s 700 miles of water mains have been completed. It is anticipated that the flushing will be completed by the end of April, which is a month ahead of schedule.

Stafford County is temporarily utilizing "free chlorine" instead of combined chlorine throughout the water distribution system during this process. During this deep cleaning process called "free chlorination," Stafford Utilities customers may notice a slight change in the taste and smell of their tap water. The process does not adversely affect the water quality and helps remove any bacteria inside the distribution system. It also prevents bacteria from forming a resistance to the routine disinfection treatment process. On April 15, 2024, the system will return to using combined chlorine.

During this flushing process, customers may experience a short-term decrease in water pressure or discoloration of water. If you encounter such conditions, run your cold water for five minutes. The chlorine will naturally dissipate if you store water in an open pitcher in your refrigerator. If you want additional information about this program, please visit: www.staffordcountyva.gov/flushing